Ykoon forensic audio services
Forensic Audio

Call +31 (0)71 513 58 58 for more information. or mail us at info@foresicaudio.nl

Fee Schedule


Intelligibility Enhancement And Noise Removal.

Euro 500.00 (two and a half hours) minimum per source tape, Euro 200 per hour thereafter.
We accept Cassettes, micro-cassettes, DV, VHS (Analog sterao and HIFI track)8 mm tapes,
1/4inch analog formats up to 30 ips, Nagra SNST ,PCM-701 and PCM1630 standards
all digital file format up to 192 Khz 24 bit from CD, DVD, MOD,(big and small) USB voice recorders.
other media formats are optional. Our report is presented in a audio CDR demonstration format.
Estimates made if further processing is indicated.


If you need assistance on difficult transcriptions, please give us a call.

Audio Reenactments

Euro 1750 per day for making calibrated on-site, evidence recordings.
These binaural recordings can be used to demonstrate directly to a judge or jury the intelligibility of sounds or words.
Juries or research groups listen through calibrated stereo headphones to relevant on-site sound cues.


Video Image Enhancement

Euro 800 minimum per image or sequence from VHS, 8 mm, DV or 3/4" U-Matic video cassettes.
We computer capture images and enlarge, brighten and sharpen your designated subject(s).
Motion jitter can be reduced or eliminated, motion can be slowed or speeded up and images can be sharpened
or brightened to make details such as license plates more visible.
Sources may be regular or surveillance videos in color or black and white.
Still images can be enlarged to poster size. We can convert all worldwide video formats.

Audio and Video


Euro 5,000 retainer per tape, per side, minimum.
Audio & Video Copies Euro 60 per hour for copies of AEA enhancements,
plus cost of materials.

Euro 200 per hour including travel time.
Meetings to discuss effective strategies for evidence analysis or for making on-site inspections or media transfers.


Euro 250 per hour. To be Designated as an Expert

A retainer of Euro 1,200 is required if no work is in progress.

Court Testimony (including piracy checks)

Euro 1,500 per day the netherlands, no half-days.
Testimony outside of this area is quoted on an individual basis.
All expenses for business class travel, hotels, car rental or other expenses will be collected in advance.
Schedules and Calendar

Our standard turn-around time is 4-6 weeks.
More urgent schedules are by arrangement.
An hour is billed for on-call days or appointments not canceled at least a business day in advance.